Kingdom Builders // キングダムビルダーズ


Even the smallest individuals can create GREAT power when gathered together.
Why don’t you witness that happen?

Kingdom Builders are the group of people who are EXCITED about giving!

And your participation will bring our excitement and power to the next level!

Please sign up sooner than later!

日時: 10/31(土) 1:00-3:00pm
場所: センバキッチン北梅田

スピーカー: 岡 大志(Lifehouse 天王寺)
ギビング: チャーチ機材のため

When: Saturday Oct 31st, 1:00-3:00pm
Where: Semba Kitchen kita-Umeda

Speaker: Hiroshi Oka (Lifehouse Tennoji)
Giving: for Church equipments

参加費:5000円 (食事代1600円含む)



Fee: 5000yen (incl. 1600yen for the meal)

If you want to change the main from meat to fish, please let us know with a comment.
Likewise, if you wish to change the bread to rice, please leave comments.

If you cancel the day before, there will be a cancellation fee of ¥1600.
Also, please consider that if you don’t cancel in advance that it causes trouble for the restaurant because they will prepare food for each person with a reservation.
Please notify us in advance if you must cancel, or if you will be late. Thank you very much!